we invented the horizon tracking system
while sailing or at the anchor we raise the onboard life's comfort to a level never seen before.
just push a button to regain the horizon!

sfera - new product 2019

Sfera is the new generation table that simplifies your life onboard.
It is a multifunction coffee-table for both motor and sailing yachts.
Electronically stabilized, with integrated bluetooth audio system, wireless recharge point on the table's top center and courtesy lights.
A relaxation area like never before.
Sfera and the Horizon Tracking System won the Innovative Design Technology Award 2019 and we are now finalist for the ADI Design Index, that allows access to the competition Compasso d'Oro.


the art of balance

It's not possible to keep the whole vessel always steady, even when equipped with finns or gyro stabilizers.
Instead we invented a new type of stabilizers to keep horizontal any supporting surface whose instability affects people's safety and comfort.
To achieve this goal, we created a sophisticated control box which continuously detects every montion of the vessel and drives an electric actuator connected to the surface to be stabilized.
With surprising results.
Our Horizon Trackers are the only stabilizers in the world to be specifically designed for the needs of sailing boats of all sizes.


Do traditional marine cookers look like dinosaurs to you?
You are ready for FLAT, the world's first and only electronic gimbal system for cooktops:
perfect leveling in any condition, refined innovative design, matchless safety and ergonomics
Flat rewrites the rules. All.


AILERON: The evolution of the specie

Stabilized pedestal for tables.
Your table will finally be always horizontal and fulfill its functions in rolling and heeling conditions.
The low consumption and the noise almost absent make it an accessory for a continuous and every day use, and whose usefulness is crucial for achieving a comfort without compromises in all sea and wind conditions.