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Multifunction Coffee Table

SFERA is the new generation table that brings your “relax area” to the next level. It is a multifunction coffee-table for both motor and sailing yachts. electronically stabilized, it has integrated bluetooth audio system, wireless recharge point on the table’s top center and courtesy light. a relaxation area like never before.
SFERA won the Innovative Design Technology Award 2019 from ADI.

Mechatronic Art

SFERA is the jewel that embellishes your moments of relaxation


the table tops is always flat when the boat rolls

audio system

connect your device to the table's audio system via Bluetooth, so you can play your music next to you.

wireless recharge station

lay your smartphone on the table top, it will be recharged while you sunbathe


the outer ring of the tabletop is a elegant courtesy light, RGB.

sfera balance table



max roll speed: 30 °/s | max boat roll angle: +- 25°


100 W @ 24V DC


10 kg


diameter 85 cm | height 40 cm

roll damping

max roll reduction 99% | average 95% | minimum 92%


typical 2 A (10kg payload) | max 10 A @ 24V


anti-crushing bellows, protection class IP 65

maintenance free

only one visual inspection every year

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Award-Winning Stabilizaton Technology

qualitec design award 2018
adi awards
qualitec design award 2020