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electronic gimbal system for hobs


FLAT is the world’s first and only electronic gimbal system for hobs. The automation keeps the cookers perfectly leveled in any rolling/heeling condition, making the cook’s job easier and safer.
The compact design and flush-top installation facilitate the integration of the gimbal cooktop into the galley’s worktop, for an unprecedented aesthetic result. Born from the needs of bluewater sailing yachts Flat is perfect onboard any kind of vessel, motor or sail, small or huge. Flat rewrites the rules. All.

matchless performance

the gimbal system cuts 95-99% of the roll from the cookers. So your pots will be safe even without pan holders.

gas or induction

our standard models mount Foster's cooktops and you can choose 3-4-5 or more burners, gas or induction

you choose

you can finally choose the cooktop's brand and model you prefer for your galley.

perfect leveling

the weight of the pots on the cookers does not alter the balance of the hob

cook top balance



max boat roll speed: 30 °/s | max boat roll angle: +- 25°


stabilizer 100 W @ 24V DC


10-15 kg (depends on the model)


50x50x25cm (3burners) | 64x55x25cm (4 burners) | other dimensions on request

roll damping

max roll reduction 99% | average 95% | minimum 92%


typical 2 Ah | max 5 Ah


anti-crushing protection, electronic protection

maintenance free

only one visual inspection every year

Italian Taste

BALANCE chooses FOSTER for the development of the tilting system for built-in hobs. The craftsmanship of FOSTER, a specialist in the processing of stainless steel for kitchens, blends with BALANCE’s innovative technology to create products of high aesthetic value and great performance.

cooktop induction foster

Evolution of the Species

flat coocktop balance

no limits

FLAT can be installed both in longitudinal or transversal position (unique in the world)

no noise

the stabilization system in silent and consumes less electricity than your laptop

no compromise

the electronic gimbaling system gives you the best cooking experience ever

The art of Cooking

Simone, sailor: “I’ve never seen a cooktop being stable like this in my all life!”

Francesco, sail yacht owner: “It’s simply beautiful, this gimbal cooktop fits in my small galley and works perfectly in any sea and wind condition.”


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Award-Winning Stabilizaton Technology

qualitec design award 2018
adi awards
qualitec design award 2020