LAMINAR | worktop

Luxury worktop

A stable work area

LAMINAR is the worktop that revolutionizes the galley on board every yacht. Equipped with an integrated mechatronic stabilizer, it always remains horizontal when the boat tilts with roll angles of up to 25°.
Thanks to the collaboration with Foster we create custom stainless steel galley countertops with integrated “Milanello” workstation sink and cooking area for a unique design.
Qualitec Design Award – special mention 2020

over the top

LAMINAR is the only stabilized worktop in the world

you chose

hob and sink of your choice from the Foster's catalogue

full custom

different dimensions, finishes, profiles and thicknesses

made in italy

high-tech and high-level italian craftsmanship



max boat roll speed: 25 °/s | max boat roll angle: +- 25°


200 W @ 12/24V DC or 400 W @ 12/24V DC


20-40 kg (depends on the model)


custom min 120x60cm | max 200x70cm

roll damping

max roll reduction 99% | average 95% | minimum 92%


typical 4 Ah (200W motor) | 8 Ah (400 W motor)


anti-crushing protection, electronic protection

maintenance free

only one visual inspection every year

Italian Taste

BALANCE chooses FOSTER for the development of the tilting system for built-in hobs.
The craftsmanship of FOSTER, a specialist in the processing of stainless steel for kitchens, blends with BALANCE’s innovative technology to create products of high aesthetic value and great performance.


One Mechatronic system, many appliance

laminar worktop

stabilized desk

a great idea for the captain during long ocean passages

stabilized worktop

finally a stable place to work when the boat is heeled

stabilized platform

an always horizontal surface can be the base for supporting aquariums, medical equipment, wine cells, furnishing elements

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Award-Winning Stabilizaton Technology

qualitec design award 2018
adi awards
qualitec design award 2020