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It is difficult to sleep well during a long sailing passage or a night at the anchor in rolling conditions.
Thus was born the stabilized bed, able to neutralize boat’s roll with angles and speed adequate to motor and sail yachts.
The automation is silent and fully automatic.
Just press a button to sleep like at home.
Furtherless AERO cures seaseekness in minutes: just lay down, you’ll immediately feel the benefits.

one or two

AERO is in three versions: single bed or sofa bed double bed 190x200cm stabilized on roll axis double bed 190x200cm roll&pitch axis


all mechanical and transmission parts are acoustically insulated with a soundproof lined casing. Moreover the mobile part of the bed and the electric actuator are on silentblock to completely cut the vibrations

always rady to use

no spool-up time: 5 seconds from "standby" to "run" (stabilization active) and vice versa.

low consumption

the mechatronic stabilization systems inside the beds are optimized to contain consumptions



max roll speed: 20 °/s | max boat roll angle: +- 15° | lightweight carbonfibre bed frame


1000 W @ 230V AC single bed | 1600 W @ 230V AC double bed


single bed 120 kg | double bed 250 kg


single bed 80x200cm | double bed 190x200cm | other dimensions on request

roll damping

max roll reduction 99% | average 95% | minimum 92%


typical 2,5 A / 230V AC (2 people) | max 7 A / 230V AC


electronic anti-crushing barriers, bellows, emergency stop

maintenance free

requires no maintenance over the years

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Award-Winning Stabilizaton Technology

qualitec design award 2018
adi awards
qualitec design award 2020