SWING | cockpit table

mechatronic beauty

stabilized cockpit table

SWING is the only table in the world especially designed for sail yachts. The electronic stabilization system inside the table drives the tops and keep them horizontal, and so usable, when the boat heels or rolls.
The table is finally a safe area where place objects, have lunch without worrying about glasses of wine having a “take-off” during a tack.

folding tops

allow an easy passage fore-aft, are equipped with lock in open or closed position


two adjustable lights (in the handles) illuminate the table tops, two courtesy lights illuminate the floor

handrails and footrail

sturdy, double, elegant and strong, very useful in many situations


four pockets and one locker in the center, with elegant retractable doors

swing balance table



max roll speed: 30 °/s | max boat roll angle: +- 20°


200 W @ 24V DC


10 kg per top | 20 kg total


length: 100 to 200 cm | width, open: 100 to 200 cm | width, closed: 40 to 140 cm

roll damping

max roll reduction 99% | average 95% | minimum 92%


typical 4 Amp (10kg payload) | max 10 A


patented motion geometries, anti-crushing protection

maintenance free

only one visual inspection every year

Mechatronic Beauty

aesthetics and mechanics merged into a piece of art that does not go unnoticed and is perfect in the cockpit of 60-90 feet sail yachts

The easiest way to stop your Tabletop from Rolling



for the convenience of use of those who sit downwind and upwind the table has patented motion geometries, so to keep the table tops always at the same distance from the legs of those who sit

fully customizable

we realize your dream table: you can choose dimensions, materials and shape

made in italy

like all our products SWING is 100% made in Italy with Italian components

Pure Italian Style

born from the hands of our designers SWING is a distillate of creativity and engineering dressed in typical Italian elegance


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Award-Winning Stabilizaton Technology

qualitec design award 2018
adi awards
qualitec design award 2020