our products provide you with the best comfort you can ever experience while sailing or when at the anchor


a stabilized surface is always usable in any sea/wind conditions. this means much better overall comfort and safety


our products are designed in pure Italian style and personalized to embellish your boat

new product


is a very special cockpit table, made on commission for the owner of a 60 ‘ sail yacht.
The tabletops house four independent extensions that extend the table top up to 190cm length to comfortably seat 8-10 people. 
The table houses a fridge, is equipped with dimmable courtesy lights and USB sockets.
The table electrically lowers to bench level and becomes a huge walkable sundeck (patented)

Our Stabilizers can be installed on any Boat

new build

our products can be easily installed onboard any sail or motor boat or yacht. Ask the builder and call us for further information


if you already own a boat but hate the roll you can easily add one or more stabilizers to dramatically increase the overall comfort

Call us, we can give you all the info you need

Stabilization Technology

only the best

perfect leveling

roll damping from 92 to 99%, heeling angle up to 35° per side

no spool-up time

only 5 seconds to start and use the stabilized surface


fast and smooth motion, silent and lightweight

ultra-low consumptions

average 3-4 Wh per Kg payload

safe and easy

fully automatic, mechanical and electronic protections


proprietary PC-Board and software, refined mechanics, high-end sensors


easy installation, no set-up required, 24V power supply

maintenance free

only one visual inspection every year

meccatronic boat balance system
meccatronic boat balance system

One Automation, Many Applications

Yacht line and semi-custom products

tables | worktops

the ultimate comfort in any sea and wind conditions

cooktops | galley solutions

perfect leveling for a superior cooking experience

beds | platforms

sleep like at home, cure the seasickness

“Fed up with the inconvenience of sailing? We were.
For this reason, in 2013 we created the first stabilized table in the world.
Having an always horizontal table top during sailing proved to be incredibly useful, and it was with a smile of amazement that at the very first sea trials we stared to the movements of the table copying those of the horizon, while the wine flutes remained proudly vertical on it.
We felt it as a huge revolution in the way of experiencing boats had just began.
Today we can produce a wide range of applications, knowing that our customers will use our products… with a smile of amazement.”


Matteo Ghidotti


Award-Winning Stabilizaton Technology

qualitec design award 2018
adi awards
qualitec design award 2020